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January 20, 2013
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15/1 second
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11 mm
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Jan 19, 2013, 10:00:18 PM
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.0 (Windows)


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Me and the Lights 2013 ! by SindreAHN Me and the Lights 2013 ! by SindreAHN
Norway, Bodø


You like the picture ? :D
Here is the story :

Second Aurora Chase ! "Øvre Vollvatnet"

The Norhtern Ligts was awesome this night !
Where should i start ? Let`s start with the week.
There had bin some solar winds striking our magnetic field making the auroras go crazy ! We had have bad weather and overcast with snow and rain every day. So I haven`t had the possibility to see the lights show :(
Then it was one of the large sunspots on the sun which regain some life again, and a CME was sent allmost directly our way, yea it was heading for earth !

So this night, the CME expected to arrive would boost the aurora activity, could specially give a boost to the higher latitudes. And I live in Bodø, at the 68* :)
The CME impacted between 17:00 and 18:00 :D I looked at the space data and news the whole afternoon and evening.

At around 19:00 the acitivity jumped ! The solar wind increased to allmost 460 km/s and a density of 13,4 protons cm/3 !
Around 19:30 i was getting dressed up and checked gear !
A battery had delayed me a bit, I was waiting for it to recharge. It was done recharging to :)

19:54 I left home, to drive to a parking spot at "turisthytta" a top where i have shot a lot of aurora pictures. Now i was interested in a new scene :D It was the water "Øvre Vollvatnet" it`s a 10 minute drive and 5 minute walk ^^

When i arrived it was clouds everywhere, allmost no stars :(
I have waited for clouds before, last time was 3 hours back in March in 2012 as a X flare was going to strike our earth, and I got my pictures :D So with that in mind i kept waiting where i was.
Allmost an half an hour later the clouds left, and stars and clear sky was there ! So i left the car, checked my gear and walked up to the water. Just to see that there was some few clouds there and some strange looooong weak line of lights.
So it was time to wait again ;) A test shot proved it was a line at 21:12, it was ALIVE :D the line of lights, yea the Northern Lights separated just above the horizon into rays and swirls !
And i was just as mind-blown away some seconds before i re-engaged and got my camera gear in place and ready !

So from 19.1, 21:15PM to 20.1, 00:19AM I was running across the ice and photographing the lights like some aurora maniac ^^
The Northern Lights regained it`s activity 6 times ! From blowing up the sky till it died out to some weak lines, and then blowing up the sky with extreme fast moving rays yet again ...6 times !

About the actual picture :

I needed the first 2013 Northern Lights portrait picture with this show !
I checked my gear, checked the ice if it was safe. It was safe ! It was like a sandwhich ice structure, a thin layer of ice on top which broke beneath me just as i stepped on it, getting 3cm of water up to my shoes, but i jumped to check again, so it was safe ;) As you can see in the picture my steps braking the ice ! I shot a couple of pictures to be safe i had some good, you know i don`t have eyes in my backhead so needed to be sure i got some good shots !
Then suddenly i heard the ice breaking around me ! I was like I got to get to the land again ! And i heard another loud breaking of the ice, i ran, fast ! grabbed my camera gear and slipped over the ice back to the land !
My pulse was quite high by that moment, i didn`t walk further out on the ice after that experience ^^

Well the evening/night resulted in a good experience and 370 pictures :D

Have a great week everyone ! If you want to see more of my northern lights pictures, please have a look at this gallery :

Here is a picture from the same location the 16/1-2013, my first shot for 2013 season :
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