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October 20, 2012
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Camera Data

Shutter Speed
8/1 second
Focal Length
11 mm
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Date Taken
Jan 22, 2012, 11:24:35 PM
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.0 (Windows)


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The Lights and the Peak ! by SindreAHN The Lights and the Peak ! by SindreAHN
The Lights and the Peak !
The Peak is "Steigtinden" ;)

Yea, still submitting old pictures, haven`t got any new pictures of the lights since september. I am at a air force training course. Not going to be home before 7th December !

Norway / Bodø
local, close to Mjelle ;)

And the story goes :


At around 17:50PM at sunday i saw the first lines just above my home !
So i rushed out with my gear and got some shots of the this auroras !
At 19:29PM i drowe to a fortress just at the other side of our local harbour and started shooting pictures there !
So finally i`ve also got my first good shots of northern lights above my hometown :D !
I was going to pick up a nice friend of me, she realy wanted to see this phenomen`s activity, light and colour ! She got a great night to see it !
Joining me and Gaute out for some hours of aurora chasing on Bodø`s northside.

When the clock was 22:51PM we had arrived to our new spot at Skarrvatnet when we found at our year`s first shoot :

When we first got there we saw some 4-5 lines with weak auroras and 1 of them quite active !
It was perfect conditions we had no moon, with a clear sky filled with stars ! :D
15 Minutes later it was about to explode !
The weak lines looked like joining each others and growing in it`s activity !
It was a strong line which moved around up there, it had some columns and it was pulsating, so we knew there was going to be something ! At the same time a weak line started growing behind Steigtind, (the peak in the picture). It would have bin awesome if i could get a shot of vibrant auroras around Steigtind ! :D

And so the activity picked up quite fast around 23:19PM the weak line suddenly changed and got more intense with giant columns stretching over the dark peak !
This change in activity was going to do my picture ! The auroras was so vibrant and moved so much that it got all wiped out with shutters above 10 seconds !

So to create that night feeling with vibrant auroras, i`ve got the ISO to 400 and F2.8 with 4 seconds exposure !

That weak line really was the sparkle to this amazing show we whitnessed :D

My primary target of the night was to get the colours as how it looks for our human eye ! :D
And i did it ;) I`ve set the WhiteBalance to 3330K and shot with colour space; AdobeRGB(1998) !

So capturing the movement and all the giant columns with the weak line`s sparkle in the background of Steigtind was really a success ! :D
The show lasted to 00:09AM, i`ve shot some 132 pictures there ;)

The Northern Lights got weaker around 00:53AM I was back home again around 03:00AM so it was a long night shoot ! We had -7*C with 8m/s wind so probably -13 to -16*C !

I will be submitting more pictures from this night !
I have picked 37 pictures of 415 from the night so i`m very happy with the shoot !

After this night i will be using AdobeRGB(1998) as my colour space only !

For more of my aurora pictures please see my folder :
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